Alien Moon


God made the Moon to mark the seasons;” Psalms chapter 4, verse 19

What of our Moon? Within the laws of the universe, without the Moon there would be no life on the Earth.

And within the laws of the universe, our Moon should not exist.

New simulations show that the earth’s moon is not only unique in the solar system but may also be rare throughout the universe.” {}

Dr. Irwin Shapiro (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) in referencing the impossible mathematical model for the formation of our Moon, jokingly said many years ago, “The best possible explanation for the Moon is observational error. The Moon doesn’t exit!

Harold Urey, Nobel Peace prize winner in chemistry (1934) and a key player in the Manhattan Project (he helped invent nuclear bombs), stated that the key to understand the formation of the Earth and solar system is to be found in the study of the Moon. He alone was the impetus to get NASA to go to the moon in the first place in order to study the rare celestial body which should not exist. He wanted to find out conclusively why it existed.

Isaac Asimov (American author and former professor of biochemistry at Boston University) had said, “We cannot help but come to the conclusion that the Moon by rights ought not to be there. The fact that it is, is one of the strokes of luck almost to good to accept.

The Moon is so perfectly formed and so mathematically fine tuned that there are scientists alive right now who are theorizing the origin of the Moon to be from the mind of intelligent space aliens.

They write books, hold seminars and have conferences showing all who would listen the impossibility of the Moon forming through random chance…they actually believe space aliens formed the Moon in order to seed life on the Earth.

Other, more stable (more boring?) scientists just accept the Moon in all its majesty. So they continue with their equations, looking for the answer to its origin; and in doing so gather together unusual sounding data, adding fuel for the hypothesis of the extra-terrestrial hunters.

So what of the moon?

It’s made of the same material as the Earth, but formed after the Earth. Other planetary moons are generally captured space debris within the gravitational pull of its planet. So having our Moon “birthed” (so to speak) from the Earth is a rare occurrence.

They say a long time ago a meteor about the size of Mars impacted the Earth. Upon impact, surface debris escaped the Earth and soon formed into our Moon.

Simple enough until the scientists run the data:

The planet sized meteor that impacted the earth did it at a 45 degree angle at a speed of 4 kilometers per second. This is noteworthy in that typical meteorite velocities are 50 kilometers per second. If the degree of impact and the velocity were any different there would be no Moon and life on the Earth would be impossible.

So what were the direct results of the impact that resulted in the forming of our Moon?


> Removed a life suffocating atmosphere from the Earth and formed the perfect chemical composition for life.

> Increased the mass of the Earth sufficiently to hold just the right amount of water vapor for life, while leveling the amount of ammonia and methane.

> Elevated the iron content of the Earth’s crust in order for algae to exist.

> Drove the ability for the Earth to experience tectonics (shifting of the continents) and volcanism.

> Slowed the rotation of the Earth so life may be possible

> Stabilized the Earth’s axis

Etc. etc.

And the Moon?

> Controls and modulates the Earth’s seasons.

> Controls the Earth’s tides which churn the nutrients and minerals of the seas enabling the thriving (and existence) of marine life.

> Stabilizes the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and the spinning of the Earth on its axis.

Etc. etc.

In short, life would not exist on the Earth without both the Moon and the act of its violent formation.

And as science pulls back the veil of Creation, the handiwork of the Designer can be seen.

So, how Rare is our Moon?

Dr. Hugh Ross (Astronomer, Astrophysicist and president of Reasons To Believe; said this: “Even if the universe contains as many as 100 billion trillion planets, probabilities would argue against the existence of even one that by natural processes alone would end up with the just-right surface gravity, surface temperature, atmospheric composition, atmospheric pressure, crustal iron abundance, tectonics, volcanism, rotation rate, rotation rate decline, stable rotation axis and degree of tilt for the benefit of advanced life. Those who want to see a miracle are looking at one whenever they gaze up at the Moon.

I appreciate the continued research into our Moon. I want science to continue throwing its best minds into its study. I want those who would deny the God of the Bible to gather more and more information and evidence and to come to the conclusion that a highly evolved alien race formed the Moon in order to then seed life on the Earth.

I want them to continue the search because at its conclusion even the alien theory would not hold up to the physics of the universe and that maybe then they would come to the ultimate conclusion that their personal ‘meaning of existence’ cannot be found at the end of a telescope but in fact will be found at the foot of the Cross.

There comes a time when probabilities must be relinquished. It is then when Salvation is at the door.

~ Daniel Gabriel