God’s New Tongue


God almighty spoke to me yesterday. As He had today.

When the pain of existence forces me to step back, I would not have the drive to take that extra step forward without His daily words to me.

Without a constant stream of His voice inside my skull, my family would never have returned (but that’s another story for a different day).

You see, He speaks to you as well. And He speaks to you EVERY DAY.

The challenge is if we believe it…If God actually spoke OR did they lie.

I would imagine the ACTUAL voice of God would never lie but I am not so certain about His individual followers (an additional story for another day).

So, I am here to introduce how God in fact speaks to everyone (at all times…to sinner and saint). And soon (at another time) how it can be demonstrated on such a factual basis as to able to withstand the rigor of the most virulent skeptic.

Yeah, I am speaking of the Bible. If in fact the Bible can be trusted as a glimpse of the mind of God and a true account of His dealings with humanity, then it in fact is the voice of the Creator of the Universe speaking (and loving) His created order.

Those words are the very breath of God, His direct promises and exhortation to humans. Words to be meditated on DAILY.

And for my sanity and freedom and peace, I indeed meditate on His words daily.

Of the many (many!) “holy” books in humanity’s existence, this compendium of individual letters, books and tracts which make up the Christian Bible has faced scrutiny unmatched by any other work.

And we shall, in due course, get to that.

And here, I would like to point to the latter section of your Bible called the New Testament. Where the Old Testament was the oracles of God delivered to Israel in anticipation for the coming Messiah (the cornerstone of reality in the universe), the New Testament is the fulfilling of God’s Promise. The promise of Jesus Christ.

The New Testament begins about 400 years after the closing of the voices of the prophets of Israel. For those four centuries, the nation of Israel was brutalized by the Persians, Greeks and Rome. They were achingly looking for God’s redemption of their nation.

With the start of the New Testament we have the birth of Jesus and soon the voice of John the Baptist (no affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention) announcing the promised Messiah and Savior of mankind is to be soon among us.

There are 27 separate written installments which make up the New Testament. We have these through the work of 8 or 9 authors (it is disputed as to who wrote the installment called Hebrews…another additional fact filled story for the future). The earliest of the 27 was written about the year 50 (either James or Galatians…maybe), with the last installment written about the year 95 (more than likely Revelation).

We see the focus of the New Testament as God’s fulfilled promise in Jesus Christ and the story of His birth, teachings, resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit to empower His followers to continue the work of Christ with the establishment of the Church.

The New Testament was written in Greek but not the Greek language we know of today. More specifically it was called Koine Greek, the ‘common’ Greek of that time period which has since become a dead language. Though the original writings of the New Testament have been lost in time, we humans have cataloged over 5700 hand written documented portions, covering 1.3 million pages, representing whole sections to mere fragments, with the dating of some to the first century. That’s to a time when some of the original followers of Christ were still living. This library of data far exceeds all extant ancient literature by a margin so wide that the second place winner in the ‘accuracy of what was written millenia ago sweepstakes’ is in an IMPOSSIBLE position to overtake the New Testament.

We divide the New Testament into four categories:


The first four installments of the New Testament are called the Gospels (‘good news’). These tell the story of Christ, written from four unique and distinctive angles. The Gospel of Matthew: from the perspective of Christ’s position as King of the universe. The Gospel of Mark: from the perspective of Christ the servant of humanity. The Gospel of Luke: from the perspective of Christ as man. The Gospel of John: from the perspective of Christ as God.


This is encompassed in the installment called Acts. Beginning with the Ascension of Christ and recording the fulfillment of His promise of the coming of the Holy Spirit and His empowerment of Christians for the birth of the Church. We see the acceleration of the Church and its work throughout the Roman Empire and beyond.


The installment of ‘Letters’ (additionally called ‘epistles’) are a collection of specific teachings for the Church to individual Christians. If you call yourself a Christian, God almighty has spoken about what it exactly means to be a Christian. Study these letters and your life will be transformed from a life of defeat to a life of success…BELIEVE IT.


The book of Revelation. Speaks to what the prophetical future of humanity holds until the time when the laws of physics will pass away and all will end…and begin again. This could happen next year…this could happen in one thousand years…only God knows.

God is Speaking NOW

As my breath passes and as time slips and as every single day brings me one day closer to the end of days, I with an exceeding gratitude thank the Creator God, the Father of every Christian, for the ability to read His words and to be strengthened for the continued fight of being a human in a world of heartache and struggle.

Thank you, my God.

See You soon.

~ Daniel Gabriel