NOAH: 950 Years Old?

‘All the days of Noah were 950 years, and he died.’  < Genesis chapter 9, verse 29 >

This post will be pretty straightforward.

With the knowledge of the long life of Noah and the patriarchs (early Old Testament major figureheads) we have an immediate question: do these numbers have any relation in reality?

950 years? Ridiculous! Obviously part of the sprouts of myth which emerge from the Bible.

Unless its real. Could it be real? Is it possible at all?

What are the facts? Why does no postdiluvian human live to be 150?

Old Animals

We share this polluted planet with animals who have an amazing longevity:

Bowhead Whales from the Antarctic live to 200.

An Aldabra Giant Tortoise named “Adwaita” died at the rumored age of 250 in March 2006.

Some collected specimens of the Ocean Quahog (Arctica Islandica), a species of clam, have been calculated to be more than 400 years old.

Some estimate the oldest known specimens of the Antartic Sponge are 1,550 years old.

And of course, the Turritopsis Nutricula Jellyfish. This animal is immortal. IMMORTAL.

Old Humans

The first human who will live up to 1,000 years is probably already alive now, and might even be today between 50 and 60 years old” ~ Aubrey De Grey, Chief Science Officer of the SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) Research Foundation 

At this present moment real scientists with real money are doing real research into keeping individual humans alive indefinitely.

For plenty of research into why science is saying humans have the potential to live for centuries (and have always had this potential) visit these sites:

So if in fact the Bible is accurate and Noah did live to 950, why then did the human race cease participating in lengthy lifespans?

Certainly we cannot say for a FACT the cause (not yet).

However we can certainly speculate…

Dr. Hugh Ross ( ) of the ministry “Reasons to Believe” (the number one scientifically minded Christian apologetic site EVER) has a theory:

The Vela Supernova occurred around the time of the Flood of Noah. The earth has since been bombarded by radiation from the supernova. This shower of radiation has been theorized to be an inhibitor of the longevity seen on the planet from before the Vela Supernova (and therefore from before the Flood of Noah). Google Vela Supernova for the theories associated with a universe of supernovas and life on the earth.

It is my theory that we see expanded current lifespans deep in the ocean, and especially in the deep frigid oceans of the Antarctic, because the ocean offers a filter from the earth’s radiation bombardment. And the colder the water the better for the protection and longevity of the specific creature (Google cold-thermogenesis).

As far as theories go, some speculate with the change of diet and the advent of meat eating after the Flood of Noah (Genesis chapter 9, verse 3) there was an increased oxidation and heavy metal buildup within humans which caused a negative biological load and harmed the DNA of future generations in regards to illness and longevity (but by following the Levitical Law [in the book of Leviticus from the Old Testament] with respect to diet and environment, one would live a healthy and robust life…but not a very long one in relation to the patriarchs).

Many theories… ?


So, with organisms already experiencing extended life on the earth and with the knowledge that science is telling us that mankind has the biology which can theoretically be alive for an indeterminate period of time, could we not see the possibility of the patriarchs living for centuries in a non-polluted, non-radiation saturated earth?

As Christians, we already trust the Bible as the Oracles of God. Yet I find it so cool whenever science finally catches up to what the Bible has said all along. The longer we spend looking through our telescopes and peering through our microscopes the more the Bible comes alive.

By the way, what would you do with centuries of time to wander the earth?

~ Daniel Gabriel