In The Beginning?


God created the universe.

This can be demonstrated scientifically.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” ~ Moses, < Genesis chapter 1, verse 1 >

The Old Testament of the Bible was written in Hebrew. We understand the ancient form of Hebrew in which the Old Testament was written had no equivalent for the English word ‘universe’.

However, the term “the heavens the earth” which we find in the first sentence of the Bible (and nine other times in the Old Testament) is a specific phrase used by the OT writers which means the totality of physical reality, including all matter, energy, time and space.

So, the phrase “the heavens and the earth” means the “universe”.

Interestingly enough, the Old Testament is the only ancient writing bringing up the concept of all of physical reality being created out of nothing by its God.

All ancient religions and philosophies, when speaking of the concept of ‘God’, have the deity operating and creating within an already existing universe. Ancient human writers, philosophers and soothsayers had zero conception of the idea of existence before existence…or existence outside of existence.

This bears repeating: The Old Testament is the only source for thousands and thousands of years which states that the Creator exists outside of time and in fact created time and the universe.

But is this a reality? Had the universe sprung from nothing?

Have you heard of Stephen Hawking, the theoretical physicist?

Well, he began his ascent to world wide fame through his study of the universe and its beginning.

In 1970, Stephen Hawking and Sir Roger Penrose published a space time theorem in which they were able to demonstrate, based on only two conditions (the condition of the universe containing mass [which it does] and the condition of general relativity reliably describing the movements of bodies in the universe [which it does]) that the universe had a beginning which included the beginning of space and time.

Simply, they proved the universe had a specific beginning where EVERYTHING sprung from ‘nothing’.

This was demonstrated conclusively and published in 1970, nearly 4000 years after the Old Testament ‘published’ the same conclusion.

And again, the Old Testament was the only source stating this as fact for thousands and thousands of years.

I like the first half of Genesis chapter one, verse one:

In the beginning, GOD. “

| Daniel Gabriel |