Fasting Increases IQ


The practice of Fasting will increase your intelligence.

What has been a secret of holy men, ascetics and seekers over the past many millennia who have utilized this cerebric benefit is now scientifically proven and passed on to us.

Would you like a nudge up for your IQ? Add the regular practice of Fasting into your life regime and watch the number rise.

The Christian Faith requires prayer for its full development. Prayer requires Fasting for the same.

If you practice Fasting in regards to your Christian Faith, not only will you experience a demonstrable increase in your IQ, the resulting intensity of your Christian walk will incinerate the ceiling of what you believed your Faith and Christian walk could ever be.

Believe it.


To Fast means to abstain from food – that which caused the fall of man.

Though Christians are not commanded to participate in Fasting, there is something about the practice that causes transformation within the soul.

Fasting manifests earnestness to God, humbles and chastens the soul and sharpens our focus to the things of God to an edge rivaling a samurai’s blade.

Search the Christian Scriptures for an in depth study into the process of the Fast (there are 35 examples of Fasting in the Scriptures…from Moses to Jesus). For a quick discourse on what God thinks of Fasting, read the book of Isaiah chapter 58 where you will find God condemning the peoples’ idea of a Fast, then explaining a legitimate Fast.

Also in the same chapter, God Himself teaches us 20 blessings of Fasting.

God Himself.

But on to your intelligence…

The most well-known measure of general intelligence is a standardized IQ test. ‘IQ’ stands for ‘intelligence quotient’. Standardized means that scores can be compared to the population then quantified and cataloged.

IQ is determined by genetics and environment. You may have amazing cognitive genetics but maturing in an environment that would thwart brain growth and learning will not garner you a Mensa level IQ score.

Researchers are in constant discussion (read ‘argument’) as to the percentage split of genetics and environment.

Regardless, it is a fact the two determine IQ.

Though we have little sway in the genetic department (though recent research has shown the possibility of malleability in gene expression), we do have sway with environment.

There is an aspect of general intelligence called working memory (working memory directly influences fluid intelligence).

Working memory is comparable to the RAM of a computer. It is the amount of mental space an individual has at his disposal for cognitive work. The more mental space you have at your disposal for brain processing, the greater intelligence you are alleged to have.

Those individuals with higher than average IQ’s have quantifiably larger working memory capacity than those with lower IQ’s.

Working memory can be manipulated by environment.

{ Check out this seminal paper proving the previous sentence: official published scientific paper. }

There are some working memory brain exercises that have been proven to increase working memory capacity, and therefore increasing IQ (this was demonstrated in the above referenced paper).

However there is something else we, the cognitive sub-elite, can do to increase working memory.

And that is FASTING.

~ Fasting increases neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is essential for learning and working memory. Neuroplasticity is defined as the changes that occur in neural pathways and synapses (the connecting points between neurons).

Fasting promotes the functional capabilities of the brain via actions on synapses and neural stem cells, increasing neuroplasticity.

~ Fasting also increases neurogenesis (the development of nuerons) by increasing the survival rate of newly created hippocampal cells, thereby improving learning and working memory.

~ Fasting induces the expression of neurotrophic factors including the BDNF gene. This protein promotes the survival of neurons by playing a role in the growth and maintenance of these cells which is important for learning and working memory.

~ Lack of food causes the brain to shift away from using glucose as a fuel to using ketones. Ketones are produced when the body burns fat for fuel. Ketones act as a substitute for sugar in the brain.

The principal ketone (beta-HBA) is not just a fuel, but a “super fuel” more efficiently producing ATP energy for brain cells than glucose therefore increasing your brain’s energy production. This increases working memory capacity.

Pretty cool.

And because this article is on the internet, you may want to peruse these published studies by varying brain scientists proving the aforementioned statements:

scientific paper

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SO, with Fasting increasing working memory our fluid intelligence increases. The higher your fluid intelligence the higher your IQ .

Therefore Fasting increases IQ.

(That sound was me dropping my mic…)

| Rev. Daniel Gabriel |