Glenn Beck: 7 Weird Mormon Beliefs


Glenn Beck is trying.

Attempting to find sanity in a arguably insane world.

Lost in the oblivion of alcoholism (and cutting the story short), it was Mormonism (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) which gave him a standard to embrace, bringing freedom to his mind.

So, with his very public testimony to the greatness of the Mormon church, and with his open belief that Mormonism is part of the Christian Church global, I must, by the oath of my ministry, speak to the confusion this brings to honest Christians who may have questions about the faith of Glenn Beck.

Let me abruptly state here that Mormonism is a distinct and separate religion from Christianity having no basis within the Historic Christian Faith. Though they may use identical words to true Christian adherents, it is the definitions of those words where problems arise.

Additionally, with the Joseph Smith (founder of Mormonism) scribed essay to the Bible which they call the Book of Mormon, and with the pronouncements of their “apostles”, we find extremely jarring differences to what the Christian Church has believed for 2000 years (we will demonstrate several of those differences in a moment…).

Differences which apparently came to light only 186 years ago, nullifying not only nearly 1900 years of Christian thought, but contradicting the very words of Jesus!

Not being Glenn Beck, nor in his inner circle, all I am aware of is his public persona and the statements of that persona. The public statements and discourse of an accomplished performer and media man. Though we may see an alleged transformation from dark to light in the story of the “media jester”, he then attributing it to the Mormon church, I know the ultimate and enduring freedom which can be truly found in Christ cannot be found in a counterfeit.

And, make no mistake, Mormonism is counterfeit Christianity.

And, make no mistake, there is more to Glenn Beck than meets the eye.

So with that said, in order to show the separation of Mormon belief from the Historic Christian Church, I leave you with 100 weird Mormon beliefs…

O.K. Just seven.

For now.

Weird Mormon Belief number 1:

God the Father physically had sex with Mary the mother of Jesus.

Where the Bible gives us clear testimony of the Virgin Birth (read the Gospel of Mathew and the Gospel of Luke), and where the Bible gives us clear testimony that God is a Spirit (just read anywhere in the Bible for that) Mormonism illicitly reduces the work of the Holy Spirit on the Virgin Mary to something akin to a pornographic escapade.

 Weird Belief Number 1 LINK

Additionally, according to the faith of Glenn Beck, God the Father has many wives with whom He has marital relations in order to populate His realm.

Weird Mormon Belief number 2:

Jesus and Satan are brothers, born to two of the many wives of God the Father.

Weird Belief Number 2 LINK

Do I have to explain the absurdity of this? Jesus is God and Satan is a fallen angel. Jesus is the Creator and Satan is the created.

Weird Mormon Belief number 3:

Every worthy Mormon man will one day be a God who will then need to populate his own realm.

Weird Belief Number 3 LINK

Yes, Glenn Beck will one day become a God and sire a realm of children of whom he will receive worship (yikes!).

Weird Mormon Belief number 4:

Dinosaur bones are the remains of beasts from other planets.

 Weird Belief Number 4 LINK

Though there are Mormons who would deny this, there is no record of any Mormon apostle issuing a statement of official denial. However we do find Mormon teachers and professors recently dispensing their accylites with this info.

Weird Mormon Belief number 5:

The Apostle John is still wandering the earth, having been walking the planet for close to 2000 years… under an assumed identity of course.

Weird Belief Number 5 LINK

Since the Mormon church is the assumed only true church, I wonder why the Apostle John has not introduced himself to the Mormon eldership? Strange.

Weird Mormon Belief number 6:

George Washington was posthumously water baptized… in Utah … in 1877 (he died in 1799).

Weird Belief Number 6 LINK

To be fair, George Washington was not baptized in the “flesh”. He only appeared once (or twice?) in a vision (along with a number of the founding fathers) to the then President of the St. George Utah Temple requesting ‘endowments for the dead’ (that being for someone living to be baptized in his name).

George Washington was also ordained as a high priest in the Mormon church at that time.

Glenn Beck’s adoration of Mr. Washington is now coming into focus…

Weird Mormon Belief number 7:

The Garden of Eden is located in Missouri.

Weird Belief Number 7 LINK

Interesting that the book of Genesis claims that the Garden of Eden was adjacent to the Euphrates river. Missouri is actually 7000 thousand miles from said river. How could Moses (the author of the book of Genesis) have been so wrong?


All kidding aside, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints needs the true Church of God to act like evangelists and let those millions of souls know the error in which they are wrapped. The Historic Christian Church needs to minister and pray in tears for God’s mercy upon those noble people so they would come to know the saving Grace of Jesus Christ.

Pray for Glenn Beck. But just don’t ‘only’ pray for him. Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might and without fear defend the Historic Christian Faith.

With love and grace.

~ Daniel Gabriel